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Get 12 Months Google Data Studio Reporting on your Melbourne SEO effort when you sign on for 90 days.

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I’m a Melbourne SEO expert who has worked for more than 10 years in very competitive enterprise industries. My research has been used in some of the best advanced SEO courses on the market.

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More than just through my experience – I build a report that ties directly into your website, or analytics or Search Console. The report is the source of truth about your performance. I white label this marketing report to any SEO agency that can afford it and understands how to implement 


Large Melbourne SEO companies raise the prices of their experts so that they can make money from them. They also have a lot of overheads to pay for. This is why an expert consultant like myself and the people on my teams can provide exceptional bang for your buck.

 SEO, Competitor and Market Research. All in one Place.

If you aren’t sure where SEO fits into your online strategy I can help you place it. Digital marketing isn’t all about social media.
A lot of the confusion in SEO comes from the many handles and levers it can affect from hyper local to international. We worked through a pandemic that threw up a neon sign to the world. Online e-commerce flourished, things like podcasts and e-books took the world by storm. Chatbots now link into content marketing and frequently asked questions often help drive digital return on investment calculations for your seo strategy.  SEO has taken off in Melbourne, and all accross Australia (not only Melbourne, but Sydney, Brisbane and nearly every population center.)

My logic is predominantly PARETO based. 20% of your effort can and should result in 80% of the reward. 

Ecommerce and online media marking around Melbourne is now more powerful than it has ever been.

We aim to put you on the radar through effective use of search engine optimisation combined with social media marketing integration. 

Every step can be scaled up or down depending on not only the market, but your needs and your budget. We work towards calculating what and where you need to spend cash and effort to increase your conversion rate.


With Search Labs you’ll get more value.



Search Labs Audits will help you save the content you love. Find a little something that searchers want, and will brighten their day. We offer discounts on batch orders, and will walk you through creating subscriptions for things where we could add a charge but would rather help you save some money.



A good set of SEO reports can help you to create a strategy that caters to your specific audience. This may require installation of effective and accurate tracking. If you have accurate tracking of your performance, then you can optimise your site and content for performance.



If we brute force your competitors with the same keywords you want to rank for, then we can see where they get their traffic. We can expand on this logic and research multiple avenues at the same time. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know until we look.

Why Aussie businesses choose Search Labs
as the Melbourne SEO company to level-up with.

We optimise your search engine ranking to get more traffic, calls, and sales!

Start ranking in Google in less than a month

Proudly Australian

We are a group, the trinations of Rugby, I was born in South Africa, moved to New Zealand and met my wife, moved to Australia and had a child.  We are the Tri-Nations of SEO. We are a proudly Australian company.

Insightful Information

We track a lot of things, and these things – like volatility, can provide  SEO insights, insights specific to your industry. This information can justify your business decisions and create disruptions in the marketplace.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

From our reporting through to our processes, the road may be complex but we try to simplify it as much as possible. Depending on where you land on the ‘pay to play’ scale, we either help you to do the legwork, or we do the legwork for you.

Ways to do some SEO all by yourself.

There are some steps you can take today, there are some questions you can ask yourself about your site, your visitors and the problem you are solving. Answer these questions and I will send you a free ‘first steps’ report that will help you to get the SEO ball rolling.

No commitment, required from you – this step is 100% free.

If additional SEO services are required we can cross that bridge when you get there.

With Search Labs SEO you’ll get more value as you grow

Metrics / Reporting

SEO metrics cover a range of things that we will monitor. Each one of these is pulled from a different tool, or API, or application Ahrefs, SEMrush etc). If we can’t measure the metric and display it in a report, then it becomes much harder to improve – so we look at the things that matter, the traffic and the terms – then we pick a thing and we make it better.

Metrics and reporting are definitively one of the more affordable SEO services, particularly those that rely in internal data, as there is no API (Application Programming Interface) credit cost

Learn more about our reporting plans here.

Competitor & Keyword Research

I love this step in a project – it starts off with us not knowing what we don’t know. We then find your competitors and get SEO services to reverse engineer their traffic potential – not using any blackhat tactics or chatbots. We find the valuable words in their titles, what are the words on their pages, and what are the search volumes and values associated with those terms. The we sit down and pick a few juicy fruit, what can we rank for?

Learn more about keyword research here.

Structure and Content Optimisation

Your website and it’s physical structure tells a searcher a lot about where they are. It tells them if this place is where they should be and it tells them what they can expect. It also performs a series of SEO related tasks to serve relevant information. If it fails to do one of these things then a search engine might not know what you sell, or do or solve – if this is the case then why would they send a searcher here? Your search experience also has to demonstrate that your website isn’t broken – we will show issues in site crawls and point out what can be fixed.

 Learn more about Site Structure and Content Optimization here.

Backlinks / Distribution
This is a double edged sword, we look for any backlinks that are pointing at content that no longer exists, and we try to create content that is relevant to a searcher. Backlinks are the connections that link websites together, this is where the net comes from.
Ranking Factor Tuning

We look at the top 100 listings shown by the search engine, and we look at the factors present on each listing – if there is a correlation curve then we implement that factor. We show you what we can do as the SEO company Melbourne is stalked by – and we back it with the data. Lead generation often tells a story, since it is selling the story to a customer, pricing and the ‘depth’ of the journey often plays a part in determining which factors make up the weighting of relevant content.

Keyword and Content Briefs

We provide content briefs to clients outlining the content they need to create for their content marketing strategy, these are the measurements of winners used by emarket experts. We give those measurements to you – this is the pattern for the suite, now you make it look good.

Learn more about content optimisation here.

LSI - TF-IDF Balancing

LSI (in the context we use it – means, ‘related terms present on the ranking pages’) and TF-IDF (meaning Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency) meaning  ‘this term is mentioned many times on this page, but also many times on every page, therefore it is not important, or… many times only here .. these things help readers and search engines determine how relevant a terms is to a page) We look at the PPC value of a keyword (Pay Per Click) we track these terms where you are, it doesn’t matter if you are in Hobart or Brisbane or  Singapore. We find the value where it matters.

Learn more about LSI / Entity / Keyword and TF-IDF Balancing here.

Topic Recognition and Balancing
Topics are relevant to each other, fishing, fish hooks, cooler bins, beer, vacation, outdoor sport.  We identify, balance and provide feedback to tune a document.

Learn more about Topic Recognition and Entity Balancing here.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Many SEO managers and digital agency consultants apply the same approach to each client’s website and search position. SEO consultants will start by auditing your site, making recommendations to the business owners, buying links, and doing just enough each month to prevent you from cancelling. Some will even go as far as buying Google Ads and claiming that this paid traffic aligns with your business objectives. Search engine optimization consultants play a game of walking a fine line, SEO consultants don’t know what Google is doing in its black box. A good SEO specialist will monitor the search engine obsessively. We duck and weave as algorithms update.

A SEO specialist consultant can take the time necessary to understand your website and truly act in your best interest – I work on hourly consults, but I act as one of your embedded staff, together we reverse engineer the search intent behind the query as well as the expected context a consumer is looking for on a landing page – I build a useful SEO dashboard for your webmasters.

We don’t use any aggressive sales tactics or BS. We let you know right away whether you’re a good fit for us, if you are, we pivot the aggression and point our SEO hat at your competitors and track your ranking and traffic trajectory.

It’s time to increase your earnings using correlation-based SEO.

Do You Work with All Industries?

Your target market is using Google. You should be marketing and advertising your business, brand, products and services on Google too. Google doesn’t seem too concerned about the ‘niche’ you are in – the same rules apply to everyone – we tweak our recommendations to fit you and your pages and will help you tune your page to meet the required user experience metrics than can be mathematically calculated and captured – SEO acts as contract between the searcher and organic  search ecosystems.

SEO is an effective tool for almost any industry. If you’re looking to increase organic website traffic, improve lead quantity and/or quality, and grow your web presence, SEO could be a great investment for your business. I’m completely transparent about my digital marketing services. If I find a more efficient way for you to spend money on digital marketing, I’ll let you know.


What can you expect from us?

SEO consultants are people who help businesses get more traffic to their websites or to their company. They do this by helping them rank better in search engines. There are many different ways to improve your website’s ranking, such as using keywords correctly, creating content, balancing terms to show the engine that online users are seeking this solution.

We will not get you involved with any link building schemes. We will not make you sign any contracts(*). We will not lock your website into any particular strategy. We will be open about how we do things. If social media marketing is required, we will tell you, if conversion rates should be be higher we will break it down. We operate in a competitive industry and tune a range of online marketing factors. Our SEO efforts have helped countless online business professionals and our marketing ideas are ahead of the bell curve. We want a company to grow. We find the ways!


What is White Hat SEO? - are you a white-hat SEO?

People use the term “white-hat SEO” when the SEO tactics used are ‘in line’ with the rules and policies of the major search engines, such as Google.
Remember, Google doesn’t own the internet, so it really means that the tactics used don’t serve to manipulate the search engine.

People who do ‘white hat SEO’ generally don’t do ‘black hat SEO’ to reach the required business goals – which means they stick to the rules provided by the search engine they prefer. The term “white hat SEO” is used to refer to any practices that will help you rise in a search engine results page (SERP) while keeping the integrity of your website and adhering to the terms of service of the search engine. These methods stay inside the rules set by Google.

“Black Hat” SEO on the other hand, includes things like paying for links or using deceitful cloaking techniques. Any tactics that are thought to be deceptive or harmful to customers would be called “black hat.” Sometimes those that win are wearing hats that are on the darker end of the grey spectrum, but, with their ‘winning’ comes the risk that Google will update it’s algorithm to detect that behavior and penalize their website or presence. Worst-case is being de-indexed meaning that you no longer exist within Google’s index.

Search Labs aims to be white hat, but also understands that this is a cmpetitive landscape, and correlation SEO aims to ‘find the thing that works – and use that thing’ so the hat is a little bit grey.

Am I the best SEO Consultant in Melbourne?

That’s why customer success is so important to me at Search Labs: I want to be open and honest, build real relationships, and make money using traffic generated by agressive internet marketing. In a nutshell, I’m not happy unless I’m making things happen and giving great customer service. That means that other businesses think I’m good to work with, and that I have good customer service. But I also rely on my clients to follow my advice. If they don’t, a good report doesn’t mean anything to Google. So… as an expert in this field, I try to be, no, I am quite agressive about it.

Google Data Studio – Organic traffic reporting. ON US!

Switch to Search Labs for your CONTENT TUNING for 90 days and we will set up your Data Studio connectors and reporting dashboards for 12 months – plus access to a range of other insights provided by Google! We crawl your site and monitor traffic that comes in from every page in your sitemap, and we present it on useful toolbars and dashboards – brands need awareness – we raise yours.

Starting Your SEO With Search Labs

Joining forces with Search Labs - what is the process?

Once you sign up, we’ll start processing data, crawling your site and scraping the internet, tracking your competitors, and so on. Depending on the plan type you chose and the work that needs to be done, a Zoom call with a Search Labs analyst, or coffee and a croissant, may be required. We’ll notify you and give appointment details if necessary.
Hang in there if a meeting isn’t required. We’ll make arrangements to send the data you ordered, there might be a little back and forth (I would prefer that the info is useful rather than just dumping a bunch of data in your lap) sure, I might be a little bit like a crack dealer – try this one, its a stepping stone to this one – that’s just the way the data rolls.

Bringing your data into our reporting platforms - With help and Extensive Knowledge

If you’ve already configured Google Search Console (previously Webmaster Tools), Google Analytics, Google Optimize, and Google Data Studio, all we need is access to these sources to extract data into our reporting systems. If this worries you, simple ‘read only’ access is alright (we can see but Google won’t allow us change anything) – I am happy to set these up over the phone – it takes time, so there may be a cost, but I am a sensible person. These Google data sources are linked into Google Data Studio using ‘connectors.’ We connect them all, and you can then begin monitoring your site’s performance on the internet. The great thing about these data sources is that the info is coming from the horses mouth, there is no ‘middle man/person’ to contaminate or adulterate the metrics – if it looks good, it is good, if it looks bad, it is bad, I don’t get to spin it my way.

About our SEO plans - the cost of SEO

If you sign up for a 180-day ranking package, you can get a basic (2 competitor + your own site) keyword extraction or a ‘home page out’ site crawl for FREE. A keyword extract typically costs $250.00+gst, while a web crawl of up to 5000 pages costs $150.00+gst (without interpretation).

If you cancel during the first 180 days, you will be charged 50% of the cost of each items because, well, effort costs money.

Our other plans are pure content optimisation plans, in which we find a target query and then give you the option of tuning it from ‘easy and broad’ all the way to ‘hyper specific but very technical’. These are also priced on a sliding scale, ranging from $150 per page per keyword to $1450 per page per keyword (this one will get you more than just the word, in fact it might not even get you the word but it will get you more focused traffic – happy to explain why).

On the most expensive end of the spectrum, we provide a full page breakdown, and the tuning is done in three or four steps over the course of a month. We re-tune the page after each weekly catch-up (no additional cost).

On the medium end of the range, we offer two tuning methods, so you may choose which works best for you.

On the low end, we provide a short tuning requirements sheet, but we will advise on the level of effort required to rank for this keyword. Our goal here isn’t to squeeze as much money out of you as possible; rather, we want you to consider how much effort you might need to spend into ranking for this phrase.

Your ranking potential - A collective effort

Ranking potential is calculated based on – the ranking difficulty, (aka keyword difficulty score), the ‘cost per click’ value of a term, the number of pages that are ranking for that term, and (we do a bit of drilling here) the URL strength of each page that we need to outrank. I personally don’t worry about these, but then again, I don’t need to pay myself or my ego to get these words – if I want a term, and the effort required doesn’t break the bank then I will ‘make – go – happen’ until it is mine.

I will have a chat with you about what kind of effort needs to go into a term, and more importantly we will discuss how valuable a term is to you – if you were paying a PPC cost for the click, how many clicks result in a conversion? etc..

Understanding your SEO reporting - Accurate Reporting All The Way

Reporting is the most important part of any SEO campaign. If you can’t measure it then how do you improve it – also… if you can measure it, is there a way to change perspective and see if we can see a trend forming. Why is this word relevant to this page – is this page really where the searcher should be going, or is this page a necessary step on the way to the conversion? We set up and build out reporting for you over time. Its a single purchase to get a lot of data, and then we with time, and at a medium cost we tune the reporting to be exactly what you need.

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