Who Is Search Labs

We try to Experience Online Brand Exposure in a simple,
fun, and affordable way – because we would think that is your plan.

Who does Google think we are?


Jake Boyle and Everhardt Strauss are a pair of entrepreneurs with a love of all things tech. We are both crypto-investors and true believers that the power of blockchain based technologies will improve the lives of people all over the world.

When it comes to your ICO, we see massive potential for the proper use of SEO and as the main way in which a business can generate engagement, trust and informational social influence.


Our search engine wrangling skills are not only limited to blockchain businesses though. We currently work with a range of local and international businesses in niches as diverse as dentistry, clothing and hand blown glassware.

We spend every waking hour of every day reverse engineering search algorithms in order to give our clients the edge over their competitors.