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What kind of SEO direction do you need?

It’s time to increase your earnings using correlation-based SEO.

Organic traffic is the source of truth

When people search for something online, they are looking for a solution to a problem – Are you the solution? – Can you help them to define their problem?

Data - is what drives our decisions

Search Labs is predominantly a data driven company – we try to do what Google does, look at the data and figure out what the rules are.


Solve those unknown problems

People are online, probably because they are looking for a better solution to a problem they don’t even realise exists

Acting as a Sherpa for our clients

We are not only on a winding path, but on a path that with volcanic peaks, shear cliffs and a roadway that reacts to your actions. We tell our clients how to predict and respond to a dynamic environment.

Search Labs, local to Melbourne but serving the world

We trade out of our Melbourne Location, but serve clients all around the world

We do love the chilled out Melbourne lifestyle, but in saying that we work with Enterprise customers all day every day. They are not as chill about the whole ‘internet thing’ we help align expectations with reality.

Sometimes the Truth Hurts

We will investigate and inspect your competition, sometimes this means coming to terms with the constraints you face. 

Our Story

in 2015 we started looking at how the big kids play this game, and interestingly we realised a few things – the rules are the same for everyone, but not all punches carry the same momentum. In short, we don’t think you are ‘niched’ in SEO.

The same rules apply to everyone, but the rules are weighted differently based on a series of parameters. We aim to find out what those parameters are, and how to apply a balance to the way in which they affect your business.

  • Correlation SEO – does X correlate to an increase in Y? 80% 80%
  • Use existing visitors to generate new visitors through effective re-targeting 60% 60%
  • Reverse Engineer the Competition 85% 85%
  • Technical Analysis 80% 80%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%
  • Give Google – and Searchers the answer they want 99% 99%

We have been playing the SEO game

Since 2015

Let’s design a SEARCH LABS SEO game plan

Our all-encompassing approach to laying a solid basis for your SEO campaign.
Your game plan for organic growth.


We Hope to help you be authoritive In Your Space

National and International SEO

Ranking in the top 3 results for a keyword is tough. We can help you get to the top with our team of experts who’ll do all the leg work for you!

We’ve helped businesses in all six states and both territories develop their businesses with SEO over the last decade. We’ve positioned businesses on the first page of Google for terms they never anticipated.

SEO and SEM Audits

Website performance is essential to your industry’s long-term success. We offer the resources and expertise necessary to optimise your site’s performance, increase traffic, and enhance conversion rates. We assist you in defining your online audience.

Search Engine Marketing and Re Targeting

Consider a platform that enables you to promote to visitors to your website. What if we could assist you in developing a method for your website, allowing you to communicate with individuals who have visited your business? We will assist you in developing a bespoke platform for your business, while also improving the user experience.