Jake Boyle
Everhardt Strauss


Jake Boyle and Everhardt Strauss are a pair of entrepreneurs with a love of all things tech. We are both crypto-investors and true believers that the power of blockchain based technologies will improve the lives of people all over the world.

When it comes to your ICO, we see massive potential for the proper use of SEO and as the main way in which a business can generate engagement, trust and informational social influence.

Our search engine wrangling skills are not only limited to blockchain businesses though. We currently work with a range of local and international businesses in niches as diverse as dentistry, clothing and hand blown glassware.

We spend every waking hour of every day reverse engineering search algorithms in order to give our clients the edge over their competitors.

If you want to gain more customers for your business or increase the average investment per ICO contributor then we want to help turn that into a reality.

One thing we learned quite early on in the game is that most companies talk the talk when it comes to SEO but they don’t rank anywhere near where they promise to rank you!

We look forward to working with you to take your business or ICO to the next level!

Have any questions?

If you’re based in Melbourne, Australia we’d love to catch up in person! If you’ve made some poor life choices and don’t live in Melbourne that’s ok too and we are always happy to catch up online over Skype, WhatsApp or Discord.


Give us a buzz and we will walk you through some simple changes to rank up.

-Jake, Ev and the 1337 ranking team.

These are not the same. This one is for a quick chat - if you have no idea whats stopping your growth.
These are not the same, this one - click this one if you know what your problem is - because we will try to solve it.

We are looking for a certain type of client – someone that takes our advice and makes the changes to their site, reword and rework it according to our recommendations, and the traffic will flow like honey. There is no secret to good SEO – its basic – make it relevant – tick the boxes that convince an amazing algorithm that something is relevant.

As SEO‘s all we (or the good ones anyway) are trying to do, is help you, to throw the perfect ball, or ski that perfect line – we will help to guide your content creation – and take a top spot.

Search Labs Pty. Ltd. Specialised Search Consultants 100% SEO

We help you to craft content that speaks the language of the internet – we help you to craft the copy that ranks you in the search engine – from a trust perspective.

We Rank Blockchain Businesses and Start Ups into SPACE