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Online Reputation Management

If you open up Google, and type in your name, or your name, skillset or job, what comes up?

Is it negative, positive, or neutral?

If its negative or neutral, then you may well be hearing that deafening silence surrounding those that have found you.

How do you scrub those negative reviews of your business from the internet? Or remove that article posted by a disgruntled employee or competitor? In this age of ‘fake news’ how do you remove your name from that post that really doesnt paint you in the best light? How do you boost your positive content?

Did you know, that less than 6% of people who do a search in Google will ever go past page 1?

The major downside to our primarily ‘online lifestyle’ means that although we are finding out more about those we interact with, they are too.

We forget that we share almost everything – every aspect of ourselves and our families with our friends, and therefore their freinds also.

If someone wants to tarnish your good name online, there are very few obstacles that stand in their way.

We take what you don’t like about your online reputation, and we send it further and further in the recesses of the internet – until not even that 6% that venture there will find it.

On the flip side – we also help you shine – 

If you are already awesome and you want that awesomness to really pop, we help you to accomplish that.

(Both Jake and Everhardt have provided reputation management services as freelance consultants).

We ‘have’ and also ‘have had’ clients that range from small individuals, that have small brands and may have been involved in a messy divorce or an unfortunate car crash – all the way through Doctors and Lawyers up to celebrity personalities that really want something to stay ‘off the air’.

Our aim is to try and provide them with the maximum level of control possible over what the public gets to view about them online.

This may be information that they want others to see about the good they have done, or things they may not want seen, like a dispute with a former employer or an ombudsman discussion – or even a poorly thought through post on a social media outlet.

Do I need help managing my online (digital) reputation??

Our biggest gripe – the bane of our existance – is that your name can end up in the hands of the anonymouse – in the hands of people that go without identity – people that work in countries where the law provides no blanket of protection to things like an ‘identity’.

Sometimes these people discuss things that have in all reality become obselete, you may have had a run in with an employer that resulted in a change of careers – this may well impact your ability to move on, and further explore that line of work. We also look to help boost your online reputation – your profile, open new doors and paint you with the ‘Awesome Brush’ 

I repaint my world – with a golden brush.

We recommend that a client also curate their social media profiles  – that they  ensire that they have a few positive mentions of their product and service online – we request that they manicure social networks and remove anything damaging. If they can, they should put a positive spin on their own accomplishments. Use their own name for any profile that they have power over – these will be the sites that we will use in this reputation and repair process.

We find that there are always people that want to handle this themselves, and we wish them the best of luck, but there are very few people that can do this at the level that we do – we are the top in our game.

You may note that we have 0 testimonials that praise us for this service – and that is because those that we have helped – are those that are not on page 1 or page 2, or even page 3 – and those that have caused their dilema will never be reminded by us.

Do we only help those with a bad reputation?



Your reputation may not be tarnished – but without some reputation management, it probably isnt shining like a light house.

Many of our clients come to us because they are at the end of their tether – they believe that this should only be a problem for a customer services company – but they have come to realisation that a former employee can do a great deal of damae, or a former spouce can go after a business to devalue it in proceedings.

Every online transaction, every move and every purchase starts with a search – trust is formed because the ineternet will automatically prioritise information, and place it where it needs to be – prospective employers will always do a search on you.

Reputation management companies will claim to take care of negative reviews, negative content and may then hold the client ransom

As discussed on our SEO pages, the first 3 results on a search results page will claim aproximately 60% of all the clicks. So if you are a lawyer, and you participate in law forums and post articles to law publications – and have a lawyery resume – the the assumption is that you are a decent lawyer, or at least that you are associated with law. But – If I were to search for your name, and the results that come back are for the same name (not you, your name doppleganger) is a skateboarder – or tatoo enthusiast – then this wont help you (unless you love tats, and law).

An online reputation isn’t just about removing the bad, it is about boosting the good, boosting your passion and branding.

Some of our clients want something gone, completely erased – this is not something we can offer (if someone does offer this, look over ripoff report) – We have been trying to hint at that we can’t remove content – no one can (and anyone that claims to, is stealing your cash – or is quite likely – the very entity that placed the content there in the first place)

But as we have shown, less than 6% of searchers will venture beyond the first page.

We aim to hit page 3 in the long term, and page 2 in the short term.

So how do we do this – reputation management thing?

We catch up with you, the client, and we write out an informative and positive biography, we also help to create other positive entities – we discuss the best way in which to create positive content – we may need to assist in creating these ‘properties’ – we aim for 10 seperate sites online. These properties will be used to push down the negative content.

If you sense trouble is on the horizon, let us know, the less an article is linked to the cheaper it is to take care of, and the lower it is in the rankings, the less it will be linked to.

A good Google image linked to a positive online review can work wonders.

Even if you don’t use our service, we highly recommend that you set up a Google alert that notifies you every time your name is mentioned online – at least then you will know when to contact us.

We would also recommend that you engage with public forums built around your interests. A streong positive presence online acts much like a good public relations team. Merely participating in your industry in a positive way will help to cement a good online reputation – it will build a strong positive online presence. Use the maximum privacy settings on tools like Facebook and try to not ‘over share’.

Contact us early and we will start your bad reputation’s journey into the dark unseen pages of the web – 2 3 4 5 6 7.

Hang out for a little bit!

If we can’t help you today, or you fall into that ‘no go’ zone (too small – not willing to change), that’s cool, we will still like to help if we can. That may be directing you to someone that can help, or explaining ‘how the internet works – and the impacts that may have on what your doing’

Thanks! I really appreciate you stopping by, drop me a line, or send me a message on facebook for a chat.