Can SEO help you to get onto page 1?

How many results are above you in Google?

Are you on Page 2?

Search Labs Pty Ltd, founded in 2017 as a solution to ‘trust’ problem faced by many Businesses and ICO’s.



SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. – OR – SEO helps your page appear as one of the first results in Google, when someone asks Google a question. (search engine land)

– it is the process of helping your site rank higher in the search rankings

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If the flavour of SEO that you seek for your marketing strategy is not listed above – Just fill out our form.

Be it an initial coin offering, SEO in Melbourne or a reputation management issue – we love talking about all of these things.

It rarely takes more than 5 minutes – unless you type really really slowly.

We don’t mess about – if you are ‘IN’ then we start NOW.

Sometimes our clients ask us to slow down a bit – on the keyword research – some clients need the time to scale.

Why so … hurried?

The aim of our game is – ‘how quickly can we build trust’.
How quickly can we build that relationship between you
– and your prospective clients – your products and services? –
How quickly can we show Google that this is what you are – trustworthy.
We compete with others in Melbourne – and we aim to win – always.

If your name has been tarnished, then the faster we can deal to it, the cheaper it will be in the long run.

How can we show Google that you are the Expert – The Authority, the Trustworthy response to the search query.

How quickly can we show Google that your web page is the most relevant response to the question being asked.

Relevance is a major factor in determining your website ranking.

Your online presence can help create your authority and relevance.

Ask yourself that – ‘how do we show Google that we are the most relevant response to the question’ – then ask yourself – ‘what question would someone ask’ – then ask youself – how often is that question asked, and where – who asks it?

Is it asked by a targeted audience?

Search Labs answers those questions, not only that – but we take a look at the other companies, teams, organisation that are ‘edging in’ on your market share. We then share that info with you.

Who cares about keywords?

Long tail, Short tail, focus, target – at the end of the day – there are 3 metrics we ‘focus’ on –

  1. How many times per month is a keyword searched (we don’t really care if its long tail or short tail).
  2. What is the conversion % for your competitors – how many times did a keyword result in traffic to their site.
  3. How many sites out there are competing for this word.

We build out a ‘campaign’ – and we aim for those words with the highest return on your investment.

This is what Search Engine Optimisation tries to accomplish.

Content Is King

So, when we help you create content, we review what is currently holding pole position. We feast on the fat of the land. 

Sometimes quality content, and a tweak to your meta descriptions coupled with some anchor text and relevant site links will increase your organic search result ranking. 

Popular SEO techniques (like link building, inner linking, title tags) are enough to push you to the top the SERPS (search engine result page).

But if you are in a comptitive space – like an ICO then these ranking factors from ‘a simple guide to seo’ may not cut the mustard.

Search Engines work by reviewing SEO Services, social media signals, Pay Per Click (PPC) as well as a host of other indicators.

Targeting? Before or After?

Which came first, the chicken or the street?

We hit this from 2 angles, we use demographic targeting to hit the audience you know, those people that are already interested in what you offer, do or sell.

Then we use special internet magic* to build audiences that behave like those that have come to your site.

Then we double down on that magic, we go all kinds of ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘CSI’ on it – and we retarget those that have come to check you out.

If you have a marketing department – one that plays well with professional launch controllers, then introduce us. 


We show you what the internet wants, We direct your content creation



Search Labs will show you how to create content that is topically relevant, and aimed at increasing your rank.



SEO done in a Noble Way!

So, you want more traffic and therefore conversions eh?
Search Labs are here to lift your game,
We will take your business to the next level,
Increase your traffic, Increase your conversions –
show the world what you are.

Search Labs are here to lift your game,
We will take your business to the next level,

SEO Increases your traffic,
Increased traffic leads to more conversions,
Move conversions lead to increased 
Show the world what you are.