Agressive Melbourne Based SEO Agency We rank your Melbourne Based Agency / Business into SPACE



When clients first have a coffee with us, they are usually overwealmed by the digital marketing landscape. 

All these buzz words ‘seo search engine’, ‘seo services’, ‘marketing strategies’, ‘Semantic’, ‘topical relevance’ ‘SERP’ ‘search results‘ etc

Our SEO Melbourne Service aims to do all of this for you – make it easy.

We pride ourselves of our SEO for any company melbourne can throw at us. 

You are here, and therefore are most likely a business in Melbourne,

Have you recently become aware of the increase in online competition – the rise of SEO marketing

Once upon a time we used to direct people away from SEO services, but then we realised: no traffic is better than interested, plentiful and free traffic.

This is Our life, Search Labs bathes in the most agressive of Google’s algorithms.


As an SEO company, We bow before thee oh omnipotent omnipresent RankBrain – sir.

People (often) ask us to ‘sidestep the beast’

But if there is one thing we know, it is that playing well with the RankBrain is the only way – to reach the top and stay on top.

No-one likes being ‘de indexed’ by any of the Google updates.


We play well with the Brain that Ranks it all.

Like a team of SEO ninjas.

We help your team, be it with their web design or their marketing services to maximise your positive online presence with a digital marketing campaign to adress the needs of your audience.

This is what search engine optimisation is – its gloves off online marketing.
We aim to dominate local SEO with your brand.

We know that our site is coloured to look all tame and fluffy, like a bunny. Thats kind of how we roll.

Think ‘predator dressed up like a house pet’.

We come from reputation management – an SEO company that maintains reputation and trust – we reframe reputation management as a double edged sword.

We help you manage the trust the ‘most powerful‘ search ranking mechanism in existence decides to lay upon thee.

The more Google trusts you, the higher your website will rank. 

We design and develop this – ‘Trust Management’.
We had a tendancy to only work with bigger businesses – but ICO’s and Star Ups all start off as small businesses – we help you rank up – we help you turn into a big business.

Do we do link building – sure, pay per click (PPC – google adwords) – why not? – We even do Facebook, and we merge these technologies together.

Do we work with local business? – yeah – the level of agression and domination is dependant on the resources we can throw at a problem. But we are always happy to discuss different seo strategies.

If a certain budget point is met then we break out the big guns of online advertising – we aim for the top of the ‘page of Google’.

Fill out the form, tell us who you are, scroll down and learn about our SEO in Melbourne function – Let us help you to design services or products that your clients want – this is what we breath.


These are only really here for the TLDR crew.
The way in which we price out really depends on the value derived from the work. But – if you can break that $50k per month mark – then the club grows and we bring in a tiger team that rivals the biggest players in the game.

Our aim, our strategy, is even with the constant Google Updates – we want to see consistently increasing traffic – a more dynamic online presence using SEO strategies that will push you to the top of Google.

Initial Consultation

Before we go down the road of even looking at your site – we will have a consultation where we determine if we can help, and if what we provide will solve your problem. 

We will generally have a decent idea and understanding of your site, your preferred client and your traffic requirements. If we can help we will offer you a hand – then it is up to you.


If we offer our hand and you accept – then we will do a few things, this is usually an hour or so of your time. During this time we will do a comprehensive on site analysis, of both your site and your top competitors – we will then determine which keywords we want to try and rank for – as well as which keywords your competitors are aiming for. This will give us osme insight as to what question the searcher is asking Google, and also what the required answer is.

This comprehensive analysis is $500* (* ask about this) but we are happy to waiver this fee if we gain a new client.

  • Learner

    $250 – $1000
    Per Month

    • Live Dashboard
    • Data about your site
    • Indexed Search Terms
    • Keyword Selection
    • Tactical Advice
    • Reporting
    • 1-5 Header Terms


  • Basic

    $1000 – $5000
    Per Month

    • Competitive Analysis
    • Competitor Breakdown
    • Topical Consultation
    • Keyword Selection
    • Bounce Rate Reduction Tactical Advice
    • Accurate Reporting
    • Ongoing Seo campaign


  • Pro

    $5001 – $50,000
    Per Month

    • Everything from BASIC
    • Increase in Target Keywords
    • Additional Retargeting Consultation
    • Retargeting System Implimentation
    • Web Design Consulting
    • Online Presence Cultivation


Most small medium enterprises seem to go with this for some reason!
  • Premium

    $50,000 +
    Per Month

    • Everything from PRO
    • We take care of it all
    • Youtube Targeting
    • Extra SEO and Facebook resourcing
    • A blockchain expert


What’s Your Refund Policy?

We don’t negotiate with terrorists – we won’t start work unless there is clear benefit for you – and by association benefit for us. If you follow our advice you will see not only your business or brand grow, you will see the potential growth in the market.

So the refund is – let’s not waste time.

Where are you located?

This is a business in the Digital Domain – we are not locked into any one location and frequently will fly out to a clients site to assist. – Our founders are located in Melbourne Australia – but the additional Big Guns are in LA. We also have a Blockchain expert that drifts between Malaysia and Australia.

Any Bundle Discount?

As the price increases so does the scope of the value proposition – that may be additional keywords or additional spots on the same page. The tactical approach becomes a strategic approach as the budget increases.

People think SEO is an overnight fix – for you to gain the most bang for your buck, it is a longer term game – one where you not only saturate the market – you become the market – masket assimilation.