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Effective market research shows us that we don’t know what we don’t know

SEO Competition analysis is the process of understanding your company’s place in the market and comparing it to that of your competition. It can help you prioritise where to focus your efforts and identify which potential opportunities you’re missing out on.

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What is Market research? learn more about what you need.

You don’t know what you don’t know about the Market and SEO can provide some meaningful  and practical insight.

How does SEO fit into market research – and what is market research?

Carrying out market research is a great way to figure out what your competitors are doing. You can use this information to improve your own website, you can use it to improve your business. It can help you to ensure that you are offering your customers something that they cannot get elsewhere. I don’t know about you, but my business is my other child. We know that it is important for a few reasons, but there is an entire market research employment chain – market research jobs are aplenty (review seek to see how many market research positions are up for grabs).

SEO fits into market research because, at the end of the day, we want to optimise your content to be the most relevant response to a question asked by a searcher.

Competitive SEO market research helps because we can look at your site, and its content, and then look at your competitors (if you don’t know who they are, that’s fine, we can do a gap analysis and find out who also ranks for the same terms as you do).

There are companies that rely on SEO research to provide context to their findings, including Opinion World Review, Paid Surveys Australia, and Opinion World Australia.

SEO can act as an influence or support for the 4 core market research methods that we rely on to gain market insights. The 4 methods used by our clients are:

Organic Content Observation

Brute forcing high value keyword combinations into search engines, and then reverse engineering the content on the top position holders can present us with the entities your competitors have hidden within their content, these entities when clustered together form topics and topics provide us with insight as to what those that are claiming organic traffic, are offering the market.

We also monitor the queries people use to find you – and then check who else is ranking, and build surveys based on this ‘pulled’ data. Organic search data is so valuable because it tells you what the searcher is looking for.


A survey is a type of qualitative research that asks respondents a series of open-ended or closed-ended questions by email or on-screen questionnaire. Surveys are quick, cheap, and easy to conduct. Plus, the data is easy to evaluate, especially when dealing with open-ended inquiries whose answers can be tough to categorize.

We use Google forms for surveys, but they can be added to your website as a optional data capture point.


Interviews are one-on-one talks with potential customers. A face-to-face interview is best for digging deep (and reading non-verbal signals), but video conferencing is a close second. Any form of in-depth interview will help you better understand your target market. If you communicate directly with a potential customer, you’ll develop deeper empathy for their situation and discover new insights.

Focus Groups

Focus groups bring together a well chosen target market. A trained moderator guides a discussion on a product, user experience, or marketing message. Focus groups are often viewed as risky. Focus groups are expensive to conduct properly, and if you cut corners, your study may suffer. Focus group data can be affected by a number of factors, including participant dominance and moderator style bias so they are not usually something we would recommend.

Direct Observation

During a customer observation session, a corporate representative observes an ideal consumer interact with their product (or a similar product from a competitor). What makes observation so insightful and impactful is its ‘fly-on-the-wall’ perspective. It’s less expensive than focus groups and allows you to witness individuals engage naturally with your product. Because you can’t see into their brains, observation can’t substitute for customer surveys or interviews.

How is it done?

If you want to have a chat, to discuss the process behind our competitor / competitive / market analysis and how SEO plays a part – then fill out the form, we can have a chat – the chat is free, there is no cost to doing due diligence.

You decide when you are ready to talk it out.

No lock-in contract

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with no contract lock-in. You have the ability to change your mind at any time. Do you want to get out of Search Labs? We’ll miss you, but we understand that things change, and we won’t charge you an exit fee.

One Time Fee

This is a product, the cost is charged when the keyword research and extraction is complete. Just like in competitor keyword research, with this one we build out a Pareto chart of all the terms that you are ranking for and we present the information so that we can select the target keywords to rank for.

Building the data studio and connecting Search Console and Analytics is a one-time-charge and we provide maintenance for as long as our relationship is in play, or if you continue with us for 90 days then we will support the document for 1 year.

Recurring data updates for 1 year

With this plan, you will receive ‘live’ data about your site via a Google Data Studio report for 1 year.  (live data as provided by Google, as this is linked directly into Google, they may restrict providing data at times, this sometimes happens when they are performing algorithm updates).

90% of web pages do not get any traffic from Google – it really rubs me the wrong way – all this effort and research, yet 0 clicks. Where are these clicks going?  People who aren’t you, that’s where. 

They are going to get all the Google attention.

They are your click nemesis. Your competitors in the field of SEO.

If your competitors satisfy all of these correlating factors better than you, you will have a hard time getting to the top of the search results.

An SEO competitor analysis can be a good thing, we can show you what is required to be at ‘competitive parity’ – where is the barrier of entry – how high is that bar?

A competitor could be seen as a source of information or a source of pain. SEO competitor analysis must be part of your organic search strategy, and our aim, should be to harvest as much useful information as we can get our little green tinted monochrome fingers on. 

The right way to do it will help you make better content, improve your search engine results, and get more relevant traffic. 

This is what you should do.
This is what we do. 
To beat the other people in the game, we enjoy winning.

Competitors, they aren’t always who you think they are.
They’re good at implementing what works.
They often fly under your radar.

We beat a clients competitor so bad that they threatened legal action – of course it was only a threat*, if you don’t like the rules, don’t play the game.

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Google Data Studio – Organic traffic reporting. ON US! Monitor technical and content updates. Monitor the outcome of the SEO analysis.

 Sign on with Search Labs for 90 days or more and we will build out a Data Studio report that provides useful and ongoing insights about your site – and we will maintain the data for 1 year (as long as you provide us with access to the required data)

Before you start any SEO campaign, you need to know the answers to a few important questions. Your entire SEO strategy will be based on these answers. What needs to be done?

Your product or service is a solution to a problem, what is that product?
Who has that problem?
How do they describe that problem?
Are they even aware of their problem, can they define it?
How many people search for the product or service on search engines every month or year based on where the product is sold?
How often do people do a search for your brand?
Are there variances in the way the problem, or solution are described by searchers from different countries?
What are your competitors trying to figure out on their site?
Which words do your customers use when they search for ‘your’ product online?
What words have a commercial purpose?
In how many of those, are there exact searches in the query?
What is the trend of the keywords you chose?
When do they go up – is it seasonal?
Can we describe it using non-seasonal terminology.

You are the benifits of a SEO Keyword Research and analysis?

Why do SEO market research

Conducting research on the Internet.

A good way for us to stay on top of the ever-changing world of SEO is to do market research. Our SEO service includes a lot of research into the businesses we work with and the industries they work in. This helps us learn more about both how we can do our job and the businesses we work with and their industries, too.

An industry-based SEO study of the market landscape.

In order for us to keep doing high-quality work that is both relevant and effective and in all honesty practical for you, we do a lot of research into the SEO field within which your business and its solution sits.

Through this research, we want to stay up to date on any new trends, news, or changes in the industry. This way, we can change our work and use a more thorough and current approach as this project unfolds – there are times where we have uncovered an entirely unknown problem that your potential clients have been facing.

We then use this research in our work, making blogs and other types of content recommendations based on what we find.

This allows us to rank higher for more relevant and current topics in the industry, but it also means that everything we do has a purpose and is meant to help your website.

Based on research done by competitors in the market.

You can find out if your business is better than your competitors’ businesses by doing research on them, we have a range of market research tools and as we perform our reviews we fill out a market research survey that will provide a lot of insight to you, our client.

If you don’t, you can find out why not. This is part of our SEO service. What do we ask ourselves when we do market research into our competitors?

What do our competitors do that we don’t do?

Is what they do good for the world?

How can we make it so that it fits our clients?

It would be a big help to a business if they could rank higher than their competitors in search engines. A business is in direct competition with their competitors in every way. The more we look at what our competitors do, the more we can try new things, get rid of things we don’t need, and take advantage of any gaps or opportunities we find. We start by going through their site and looking at things like the content, any clear keywords they have, what images they have used, and a lot more. Following this, we use a variety of special SEO tools to look at the backlink portfolios of our competitors. This allows us to take steps to get high-quality backlinks like those our competitors have.

How are SEO competitors determined?

When it comes to SEO, can you think of the main competitors in your field?

Often, they aren’t the ones you run into during your day to day operations.

In fact, there may be a lot of SEO competitors outside of your niche who you have to compete with in the SERPs.

After the lock-downs of last year and the year before many brick-and-mortar competitors have been replaced by digital players that may be situated overseas, but the fact remains, they are now sitting above you in Google.

If you work in a lot of different fields, you might have separate lists of competitors for each service you offer, with little to no overlap – but if we want to create a large net of information to capture as many eyes as possible, then some deep analysis may be required.

The good news is that it’s very easy to figure out who your biggest competitors are. You just type your top keywords into Google and write down their website names (or enter your keywords into your competitor analysis tool and let it do all of the heavy lifting for you).

So, make a list of all the ways you would find your product, and write down the top 10 or 20 for each term – you might find there are a few that feature in most queries, and those are the ones we want to grind into a fine powder.

Even if you’re using a tool like SEMrush or AHREFS, it’s still a good idea to keep a manual eye on the SERP terrain you’re leaning into. Even if your target keyword is dominated by videos, you probably want to think about creating video content to compete with them, as those players are on top of the pile because they are providing the context that the searcher is expecting, and Google is no doubt using this as a reason to present them to the searcher.

When is the best time to do a competitor analysis?

Our SEO performance is never on its own. It is always compared to your competitors and it is not “set and forget” – it is like your lawn. It will grow, even if you don’t mow it.

You can’t let your foot off the gas when it comes to SEO because search engine algorithms change, new competitors emerge, and the other side’s digital marketers work hard to outdo you. 

Keeping an eye on your competitors will help you see where you stand in comparison to them, and find areas where you can improve before they hurt your rankings.

The following are some important steps and events to look for when you do an SEO competitor study.

Planning for content: A great way to get more relevant search engine visibility is to look at what your competitors are doing well and then add your own unique twist to it. To figure out how much work it will take to beat out your competitors for a certain topic, you can use SEO competitor analysis to figure out how much work it will take.

The goal is to figure out what your competitors are doing to outrank you, as well as what is working and what isn’t in your own business right now.

To move your page up in the SERPs. A competitive analysis might help you find problems with your page if it’s taking too long to load and isn’t at the top of the results when people look for it, in reality a correlation comparison will show you where you are lacking in ‘top factors’.

You should do a competitor analysis whenever you plan on entering a new field, or just want to diversify your current offers – to find out what makes another website better than yours for a certain search term. Then, you can mimic and improve upon its strengths and reject those little things that are visibly holding them back.

What is the outcome?

Research allows us to Optimize your site based on what people value the most.

You can further refine the segmentation by writing the query’s matching micro-moment in the segmentation field. As an example, the phrase “build ice bath” can be translated into the phrase “construct ice bath” (which can refer to an informational, transactional, or an I-want-to-know moment).

Create material that is specifically customised to the needs of each individual buyer. In the case of electric ice bath schematics, for example, you should recommend those that have received the most attention; this is an example of a niche product with a niche audience.

Furthermore, because it has an impact on the customer’s experience, the manner in which the content is displayed is as significant. Is it possible to incorporate video into a website in order to present information in a unique manner? In order to ensure that your site gives the greatest amount of value possible, what additional information can you include on the page? If you want to include additional information in your process document, you could include information such as preparation time, component costs, reference community discussion, and technical expectations that the customer may have – for example, which component variation allows for different ice production time frames.

Based on your market research, determine the local intent of your clients and tailor your content to meet their needs.

You may also take a look at the list of sponsored keywords used by your rivals and create content that targets those keywords. Rank organically for each of those keywords will allow you to compete without having to pay money on sponsored search, ultimately resulting in a higher overall return on investment. One of my favourite keyword selection procedures considers the worth of each keyword from the perspective of pay-per-click advertising. Someone is willing to pay a premium for the use of this phrase in advertisements.

One thing you should do is compile a list of customer-reported pain points and incorporate potential solutions in your content marketing strategy as part of your overall strategy. If your customers are looking for answers to specific questions about your products or services, make certain that your marketing materials address those questions. The ability to communicate in the same language as your customer is crucial while doing so. The outcome of this will be that you will be able to generate more conversions.

Make a list of the best-selling items or services offered by your competitors and take note of how the material is presented and what features are available. This will help you guarantee that your brand is as competitive as feasible. Enhancing the overall effectiveness and presentation of your product or service on your website, while also ensuring that any unique selling factors are highlighted and comparative value is presented.