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Ways to do some SEO all by yourself.

Depending on the issues you are facing, I am happy to send you a list of things that can be fixed today, and will result in some kind of ranking increase. Now, the type of info you get depends on what I find, but at the same time, the info is normally worth between $150.00 and $1000.00 depending on how interested I get in the issue provided.

Google Data Studio – Organic traffic reporting. ON US!

Switch to Search Labs for your CONTENT TUNING for 90 days and we will set up your Data Studio connectors and reporting dashboards for 12 months – plus access to a range of other insights provided by Google!

Joining forces with Search Labs - what is the process?

Once you sign up, we’ll start processing data, crawling your site and scraping the internet, tracking your competitors, and so on. Depending on the plan type you chose and the work that needs to be done, a Zoom call with a Search Labs analyst, or coffee and a croissant, may be required. We’ll notify you and give appointment details if necessary.
Hang in there if a meeting isn’t required. We’ll make arrangements to send the data you ordered, there might be a little back and forth (I would prefer that the info is useful rather than just dumping a bunch of data in your lap) sure, I might be a little bit like a crack dealer – try this one, its a stepping stone to this one – that’s just the way the data rolls.

Bringing your data into our reporting platforms - With help and Extensive Knowledge

If you’ve already configured Google Search Console (previously Webmaster Tools), Google Analytics, Google Optimize, and Google Data Studio, all we need is access to these sources to extract data into our reporting systems. If this worries you, simple ‘read only’ access is alright (we can see but Google won’t allow us change anything) – I am happy to set these up over the phone – it takes time, so there may be a cost, but I am a sensible person. These Google data sources are linked into Google Data Studio using ‘connectors.’ We connect them all, and you can then begin monitoring your site’s performance on the internet. The great thing about these data sources is that the info is coming from the horses mouth, there is no ‘middle man/person’ to contaminate or adulterate the metrics – if it looks good, it is good, if it looks bad, it is bad, I don’t get to spin it my way.

About our SEO plans - the cost of SEO

If you sign up for a 180-day ranking package, you can get a basic (2 competitor + your own site) keyword extraction or a ‘home page out’ site crawl for FREE. A keyword extract typically costs $250.00+gst, while a web crawl of up to 5000 pages costs $150.00+gst (without interpretation).

If you cancel during the first 180 days, you will be charged 50% of the cost of each items because, well, effort costs money.

Our other plans are pure content optimisation plans, in which we find a target query and then give you the option of tuning it from ‘easy and broad’ all the way to ‘hyper specific but very technical’. These are also priced on a sliding scale, ranging from $150 per page per keyword to $1450 per page per keyword (this one will get you more than just the word, in fact it might not even get you the word but it will get you more focused traffic – happy to explain why).

On the most expensive end of the spectrum, we provide a full page breakdown, and the tuning is done in three or four steps over the course of a month. We re-tune the page after each weekly catch-up (no additional cost).

On the medium end of the range, we offer two tuning methods, so you may choose which works best for you.

On the low end, we provide a short tuning requirements sheet, but we will advise on the level of effort required to rank for this keyword. Our goal here isn’t to squeeze as much money out of you as possible; rather, we want you to consider how much effort you might need to spend into ranking for this phrase.

Your ranking potential - A collective effort

Ranking potential is calculated based on – the ranking difficulty, (aka keyword difficulty score), the ‘cost per click’ value of a term, the number of pages that are ranking for that term, and (we do a bit of drilling here) the URL strength of each page that we need to outrank. I personally don’t worry about these, but then again, I don’t need to pay myself or my ego to get these words – if I want a term, and the effort required doesn’t break the bank then I will ‘make – go – happen’ until it is mine. 

I will have a chat with you about what kind of effort needs to go into a term, and more importantly we will discuss how valuable a term is to you – if you were paying a PPC cost for the click, how many clicks result in a conversion? etc..

Understanding your SEO reporting - Accurate Reporting All The Way

Reporting is the most important part of any SEO campaign. If you can’t measure it then how do you improve it – also… if you can measure it, is there a way to change perspective and see if we can see a trend forming. Why is this word relevant to this page – is this page really where the searcher should be going, or is this page a necessary step on the way to the conversion? We set up and build out reporting for you over time. Its a single purchase to get a lot of data, and then we with time, and at a medium cost we tune the reporting to be exactly what you need.